Mamad Purbo

God Versus Dawkins

For most people growing up in a religious background, there is not much alternatives as to how one suppose to define the ultimate truth. It is (almost) always: God. But there are alternatives, if only one willing to simply start looking. The reason most people don't even consider to start looking is fear.

But once a person start sincerely looking for alternatives, it would be very easy to stumble into a whole range of compelling and elegant atheistic alternatives. One would not miss the recently well publicized book by the best selling biologist Richard Dawkins,
The God Delusion. What this book has is all the endless stuffing one need to completely fill up the gaps left hollow by doubting the necessity of God.

Being a 'militant' atheist, Dawkins presents his convincing arguments passionately enough to be interpreted as insults to God and the choir of devoted crowd. Although this book might not win him any new converts, it might console those already decided to question or even renounce their God, in addition to give them all of the ammunition needed to win any God existence debates. He is preaching to the choir, so to speak.

His excellent popular science book on genetics,
The Selfish Gene, might actually win him some converts. His way of presenting the irrefutable scientific facts and logically elegant solution to existence put Darwinian theory into a whole new light. I remember learning about Darwinian theory of evolution back in high school and there was nothing particularly interesting or impressive about it. But reading this book, I found myself shaken to the core of my belief. Suddenly everything started to make some sense in the land where a personal God is no longer necessary.