Mamad Purbo

Doing Stuff That Is Not Normal

Accomplished musicians are particularly susceptible to excessive explosion of emo-silliness onstage, whatever that means. These are the people that are astronomically better at doing whatever they do than the rest of the us. Here's one spasmodic performance of The Mars Volta.

Never mind the singing, just watch and see how these aliens doing their unworldly dance.

Not taking oneself too seriously also helps to push silliness further to a whole new level, as demonstrated here by Mr. Bungle and the irreplaceable Mike Patton.

Just look at those audience not getting it.

And the last but not least, the mother of all silliness, Frank Zappa. Here's the 1978 world premiere of 'Why Does It Hurt When I Pee'.

The fact that he can actually compose a song with that title and poetic lyrics that goes like:
"I got it from the toilet seat
It jumped right out and grabbed my meat"
put him right out there in other world where people know how to have serious fun. The world where people don't take themselves and others too seriously and just doing whatever they do, and laugh it off.