Mamad Purbo

The Importance of Being Me

Of all the beings in the present world, I am obviously blessed with such a high degree of importance. Being such of an exquisite importance I am indeed be liable as to perpetuate my excellent existence to eternity if possible at all.

Nonetheless, as tempting as it might be, in no way I am at liberty to disclose such delicate matter to anybody. A careless public display of importance will only reveal the deplorable fact that those who are not me are of such an inferior level of importance.

Indeed, I have no other option but to let those who are not me to keep themselves imagining that they are at the same or even higher degree of importance. Evidently those who are not me are so fond of being of such an importance, that I am quite happy to maintain their somewhat grandeur illusion, and let them spend their otherwise lame existence obliviously ignorant of my superior importance.

Being unknowingly in the lesser degree of importance, those who are not me will be more easily submit themselves to the, essentially, perpetuation of my being in the highest of importance.

As I indicate beforehand, I am not going to admit all these talk of me being of such importance. Not in a blog. Not even to my very own important self.