Mamad Purbo

Let There Be Holy Balloons

If I am the God:
I will pop out silly balloons
right on top of each
and every one of the six billions.
I will let their naked thoughts
streaming words into their balloons.

Ha! I will speak not very solemnly,
like a God should.
Look at yourself, people!
You and your silly balloons of thought!

People will start looking at each other's balloons
turn red, redder than their own faces.
Unable to stop laughing at others',
They are frantically trying to bust theirs.

What fun.

But some people have no balloon.
Lucky them.

Being such a leg pulling God.
On the very next day,
I will let people fart their thoughts.
The sillier the thought, the smellier the gas.
Soon enough the world would be unlivable.

Ha! I will say not at all solemnly.

But some people don't fart.
It's good to be around them, actually.
They smell rather good.

Being a God, I let myself be not a God.
I let myself be what I always am.
With my embarrassingly red balloon,
and rather smelly all day continuous farts.