Mamad Purbo

A Taste of Forbidden Fruit

I must have been around 13 years old the first time I tasted the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I was raised in a Moslem family, so naturally the Creation story I was familiar with was the Koran version. I remember the feeling of uneasiness to have the feeling either something is wrong with the holy book, or something is wrong with me and other being of the same species that is human.

Basically the Koran version of the story goes something like:
  1. God created man and woman, Adam and Eve specifically, to be the ruler of the earth of some sort, but God put them in paradise.
  2. Noblest creature as they are, all angels and heavenly stuff supposed to bow before them. So they did, except our dear Satan.
  3. So, Satan got himself damned for eternity for disobeying, and being pissed so satanically off, Satan swear to forever tease men to go astray. For a start, being satanically clever, Satan eventually lured our first ancestors to eat the forbidden fruit.
  4. Being divinely pissed off, God banished them from paradise and cast them down to earth.
My problem was, my 13 years old reasoning couldn't understand: wasn't God made man to be the ruler of the earth in the first place? Why man had to sin first in order to go, when God, in full knowledge knew, that man was created to live on earth. My reasoning was: God intentionally created man to sin so that he can eventually rule the earth. Otherwise he would live happily ever after in paradise, and the earth would be empty ever after. Without ruler. How nice. No global warming and all craps people do.

20 years later or so, I still couldn't get it. Don't tell me not to take it literally. I don't. It's just a weird story. So, that was my first bite of forbidden fruit of reasoning. It was good. I haven't stopped eating ever since.